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Harby Harlequins Drama group, Harby, Leicestershire



2019     Snow White and the Dwarfs

2018     Aladdin

2017     The Wizard of Hose

2016     Scrooge II

2015     Ali Baba

2014     Treasure Island

2013     Cinderella

2012     Pinocchio

2011     Jack and the Beanstalk

2010     Oliver Twitts

2009     Snow White and the Dwarfs

2008     The Three Musketeers


2007     Ali Baba


2006     Robin Hood

2005     The Wizard of Hose

2004     Treasure Island

2003     Arfur

2002     Cinderella

2001     Aladdin

2000     The Three Musketeers

1999     Robin Hood


One More Before the Climate Changes

One More Before we go Over the Top

One More Before we Lose the Plot

One More Before the Balloon Goes Up

One More Before the Ink is Dried

One More Before the Goose is Cooked

One More Before the Vicar Gets It

Once More Into the Bleach

One More Murder Mystery

One More Before the Fat Lady Sings

One for the Scrap Book

One for the Road

One off the Peg